Three Feet from Gold  by Sharon L. Leehter and Greg S. Reid is an excellent book for reminding everyone not to give up. If you give up, you may discover later you were “just this close.” The book Three Feet from Gold begins with the purported true story of a gold miner named R. U. Darby who gave up, sold all his equipment to a junk dealer, and later found out he was only three feet from one of the richest gold mines ever found.

Three Feet from Gold is a fictionalized work parodying the 1937 book by Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich. Whether you agree with Napoleon Hill’s concepts or not, this fictionalized account of Three Feet from Gold provides numerous examples of how people too easily become discouraged and give up because the way seems too hard.

God may be telling you to do something, but he’s never guaranteed the journey will be easy nor the way without a lot of bumps or boulders in the road. People often assume these protrusions in the road as a “sign” from God: “Oops, must not have been what I was supposed to do.”

Persevering builds strength. Anything of importance takes time. Don’t let a few bumps and boulders in the road confuse you into thinking you are on the wrong road.

Keep at it! 

~ Glenda   

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