Following Your Passions

Posted: 16th July 2010 by Glenda (and Jack) in motivation
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When you are passionate about something, what do you do about it? Do you wait until it’s totally convenient, or do you carve out niches of time no matter what it takes?

When thoughts of your desired activity swirl in your mind and keep your brain engaged 24/7 (and it will not harm or be destructive to anything or anyone) you must make sacrifices to engage your passion: give up something less important, carve time away from something else (like a lunch hour), lose a little sleep a few nights a week, learn to say no to activities that others can do. . . .

If you are that destined in an area, it might mean that you are the one intended to do it. Whether it’s jewelry making, music, a visual art form, reading, sewing, outdoor activities, starting a business, doing a Bible study, volunteering, if you work on those dreams, you’ll not only be a better person, you have no idea who along the way you may help. 

More than likely, the world will be a little bit better place if  you listen to your intuition and follow your passion. Don’t feel selfish; you may not be the only person who benefits.


 ~ Glenda 

  1. Darren Poke says:

    Nice thoughts.

    To quote Hegel, “Nothing great in this world was accomplished without passion.”

    Thanks for your post,