Not My Fault

Posted: 18th July 2010 by Glenda (and Jack) in motivation
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How many times do you say you weren’t able to do something because of situations or someone else’s actions?

Learn to listen to your own answers and explanations you give for why you didn’t do what you wanted to do.

Listen to your words to know whether circumstances really did impede you doing what you wanted–or were those simply excuses for why you didn’t do something. If you had an earthquake, flood, hurricane, fire, or tornado you probably do have legitimate reasons for why you didn’t get something done.

Be careful of the “blame game” though. It’s always someone else’s fault–not yours.  The blame game is one of the best ways to not accomplish what you want to do.

I wish I could say I was pointing fingers at everyone else on this, but unfortunately that wouldn’t be true. I’ve been guilty of the “blame game” so many times I could not possibly count them.

However, once you hear yourself and realize you are simply making excuses and pointing blame, you’ll be far less likely to keep using everything in life as an excuse.

(Do you know anyone who has an excuse for everything not done? No names please but leave your comment below.)


~ Glenda   (look here for great ideas for fun in marriage)