Staying Focused

Posted: 7th September 2010 by Glenda (and Jack) in motivation
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How do you stay focused on an activity so that it’s completed with excellence and done on time? 

I have a whole file of techniques I’ve created to stay focused–with a few ideas I’ve borrowed from other people’s suggestions. 

A whole file of ideas, you ask? 

No, I don’t have Attention Deficit Disorder or anything like that. My problem is too many involvements, too many commitments, too many projects, and too many things I like doing. With that kind of brain, no wonder it’s hard to stay focused on anything! It’s constantly fragmented.

So why do I have a whole file of ideas and not just one good one? 

  • Maybe it’s because I’m a female and never feel just one of anything works all the time. 
  • Maybe it’s because not all projects can use the same “stay focused” techniques. 
  • Maybe it’s because I’m not in the mood to do any of them and you’re not going to tell me I have to! 

No, but I do still need to get it done. 

Here’s one of the simplest ideas I’ve ever devised and yet it’s one that I use the most. No matter how many appointments, commitments, or projects needing to be completed by the end of the day, . . . 

  • I write on a colorful note card in large marker the one item that I need to be working on or get completed at this moment. I may have a stack of cards with various “one items” of things written on them, but the one card with one item is what I post in front of me at the moment. Somehow seeing that one item keeps me on track and my brain focused.

(When you feel distracted, how do you stay focused? You can tell us below.) 

~ Glenda