About Glenda Schoonmaker

By Glenda (and Jack)

 What We’re All About   

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Welcome! Why don’t you have a seat and get comfy? Join me on my patio. Where I live, it’s a wonderful place to sit and relax all year-long.
This is a place to get your mind off daily drudgeries (that toilet that always needs cleaning or looking for that other sock that is gone forever because the washer ate it).
Just as our clothes and personal appearance reveal a lot about us, so do our words. OK, I won’t tell anyone how you look right now, if you won’t tell anyone that my mascara is probably smeared, and I still have my p.j.’s on. Ssssshhhhh! Oh, in case you’re worried about the neighbors seeing us, the way my patio is built, we’re completely private except for the little ground squirrels and rabbits and hummingbirds who drink out of the fountain by the flowers. They keep secrets and so do the quail who come each day.

This area is all about communication: communication to change lives–one word at a time. It’s about finding passion in life. It’s about encouraging people not to  be afraid to take that step towards achieving a goal.  It’s about looking at things in a new light and changing negative vocabulary–even when we talk to ourselves.  

Plus, since I’m part Sanguine Personality and am always on rabbit trails, occasionally the topic might meander around a bit as we cyber share thoughts over a steaming cup of coffee–good coffee with freshly ground beans or brewed tea–or a Diet Coke. Yes, I’m a caffeine addict. Hope you enjoy your time here, and I hope you see your world as one you can make better one moment, one thought, one word at a time.
Be back soon!  
 Glenda (gj)