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Horribly Dressed

Posted: 18th April 2014 by Glenda and Jack in failure, friends
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Of course I am not talking about the clothes I have on. Though I am glad I’m not showing this in SKYPE or face-to-face or you would agree that I am horribly dressed–but hey, I’ve not had all my cups of coffee yet, then I’ll get dressed! I’m talking about the words I have been […]

Practice, Perfection, Precision

Posted: 10th May 2010 by Glenda (and Jack) in failure, motivation

   To be good at something takes intention. Things don’t magically happen. Activities that look like they are done without effort, that just happen, that seem like they are no work, are a sure sign that a multiplicity of hours played out in the background over and over and over to get it right. All […]

Can You Build a Better Birdnest?

Posted: 4th March 2009 by Glenda (and Jack) in failure, learning, thoughts
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    You can’t build a better bird’s nest. You’ve heard that maxim, haven’t you? The trouble is if you believe that, then you stunt your possibilities for many areas in life. That philosophy breeds on the idea, “You can’t do that.” A few years ago, my husband and I kept spying on a dove’s nest […]

The Harder You Try, the More You’ll Fail

Posted: 24th September 2006 by Glenda (and Jack) in communication, failure
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  No, that’s not a negative outlook on life. In fact, I had a short piece in one of the *Chicken Soup books about this very idea. If people don’t fail, then they aren’t trying to learn new things, advance in what they already know, or overcome negative behaviors. I’m not talking about people who […]