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We Must Change

Posted: 8th March 2009 by Glenda (and Jack) in communication
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  Most people resist change. This is the weekend to change the clocks all over the world from Antarctica, Bosnia, the Canary Islands to the United States, the West Bank and the Ukraine.  Most people hate any kind of change. They especially hate changing their clocks twice a year and reprogramming their bodies to something […]

The Harder You Try, the More You’ll Fail

Posted: 24th September 2006 by Glenda (and Jack) in communication, failure
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  No, that’s not a negative outlook on life. In fact, I had a short piece in one of the *Chicken Soup books about this very idea. If people don’t fail, then they aren’t trying to learn new things, advance in what they already know, or overcome negative behaviors. I’m not talking about people who […]